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We invite you to discover who has made Boyer Family Funeral Home the ultimate provider of creating healing experiences in the community. This section contains the heritage, vision, and the people behind Boyer Family Funeral Home's reputation of quality, sincerity, and trust.  We are members of the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association and Capital City Funeral Directors Association



Two things make business work.

1. A job well done.

2. Getting Paid

While it is true that when we get a death call our immediate focus is “how can we best help this family?

Of equal importance is, “how are we getting paid?” We do not demand immediate payment but we do

need to understand how the funeral expenses will be paid. That is not unreasonable! Most funeral

homes in the area expect payment immediately and do not want to consider payments.

When you come to our office to make funeral arrangements you can expect our undivided attention.

We will be professional, friendly, respectful, courteous and helpful at all times. Knowing that the needs

of each family are often very different, we will go the extra mile in try to accomplish your specific


When the arrangements conference is completed, we will present you with an itemized statement

which will reflect every expense associated with the funeral. It is then that we will discuss payment.

When there is life insurance, we will help you make application to your insurance company. We will

complete an assignment form that will allow the insurance company to pay us directly. The remainder is

paid to the beneficiary.

In situations where there is no life insurance, we will try to help you find ways to help you pay the

expenses. In these situations we need to know that funds are limited or there are no funds. Also, your

choice of funeral goods and services should reflect a limited budget. We would want the family to pay

the immediate cash expenses such as, but not limited to, death certificates, flowers, pastoral gratuity,

cemetery expenses etc.

We do not generally take payments. However sometimes, depending on the specific need, we will. In

those situations, there must be a firm commitment in writing with a down payment.

Funeral expenses may be paid any time within 30 days from the date of agreement. Boyer Family

Funeral Homes reserves the right to add interest on any account that is past due at the rate of 1.5% per

month, 18% annually. Cremation services are due and payable when the cremains are completed and

returned. We do not purchase cemetery lots.

It is in the best interest of the consumer to have a plan in place to pay for funeral expenses.

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    Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

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  • About Doug Boyer

    About Doug Boyer

    In 1976 Doug became a board certified funeral director and embalmer, and he purchased the Robert L. Green Funeral Home in New Bloomfield in September of 1976.

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    Our goal is to provide our client families with memorable remembrance experiences. Celebrations of their loved one's life, and the time they shared. So who should speak of our success? That's easy; those we've served. Our words are expected, while theirs genuinely share their feelings about our services.

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